the first week

This is part two of two of the series on our homeschool commencement. This post is more than 2 years old, but I wanted to share what Kindergarten at home looked like for us.

We’re almost a month in, and I haven’t had time to finish my report on the FIRST WEEK. Augh! So I thought I’d hit this up in a photo collage, then catch up in other ways. So much has happened! Weddings! Plays! All sorts of stuff! TIGERS! (I am not kidding, tigers were involved in our weekend).


Tuesday, Verity learned how to sort the silverware — a chore that we’ve added to her (small) list. She’s still not big enough to handle the heavy dishes that go up high, but this is perfect for her. We also hit up the local library and got her a card of her own. She even got to write VERITY on the back–she loves that thing.

I decided to try letting her do some of her work on the iPad — wasn’t sure if that would be my best idea, but it turned out all right. I snagged a trial of a French vocabulary app and she loved playing with that. We also opened up Penultimate (my favorite notebooking app) and I drew a letter in gray, and she’d trace it in black.

Thursday was a crazy. 9 AM rehearsal for the launch of our church’s new family fun/comedy/music/drama night, FX. After that, we went with our video producer friends from Millwork Films, LLC., to Piccadilly Parlor Victorian Tea Room to discuss the documentary we’re working on. Well. V didn’t go to discuss the documentary — she went to dress up. In fact, she didn’t even eat, she just got to be a little girl the whole time!

We hit up the school supply store for my friend Amy of Sweet Peripety, and snagged some awesome glitter glue, which we used to create the Eiffel Tower on Friday.

ART PROJECT (Madeline):

I drew the Eiffel Tower using her verbal instructions (square there! A dome on top of that box! Xes all the way down!). Then (with a little squeezing-the-bottle help from me) she traced over the pencil markings with the glitter glue.

We discussed why the Eiffel Tower is gray, and looked up information about steel, and how it’s stronger than iron, glass, and other materials.


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